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BCTV Cable Channel 2
Belfast -- Searsport

Belfast Community TV’s mission is to reflect and strengthen the unique spirit and character of Belfast, Maine in order to enrich the lives of residents and visitors in the Midcoast region by fostering communication, free speech, artistic expression as well as creating opportunities through television and other electronic media.

In order to make certain that the programs shown on our channel do not create problems for viewers, and do not drive viewers away from our channel, BCTV requires that shows meet basic standards. We are making an effort to use non-technical terms, but if anything is unclear, please let us know and we will try to clarify.
We utilize an automated playback system, so in some ways it is more important to provide a decent sound and picture signal to us than to a broadcast station which usually has a master control operator who is able to make subtle adjustments to sound and picture.

Some Definitions:
Cablecast: BCTV programs are transmitted via cable to viewers homes, so they are not broadcast or aired, though we will understand what you mean when you use those terms
Media: In the larger sense it means forms of mass communication, but for the purposes of this posting, it is the format that the programming is provided to us. Rather than saying video tapes or DVD, we simply will say media

Sound Standards
: We cablecast a mono signal, and stereo or surround sound signals will be combined to create a mono signal. Since we can’t adjust the volume on videos, you should have even and not too, loud or quiet a signal. We don’t want viewers to have to turn their TV up or down whenever they turn to us . We also ask that you listen to your program and make sure there are no weird buzzes and background hums to drive the viewers nuts. If you can’t hear the person clearly who is speaking or the mix is poor, it probably will annoy viewers, however we will not keep your program from airing, we may however not provide multiple plays.

Video Standards: We are a standard definition, NTSC facility, which is “ordinary American television”. We are able to show S-VHS, and VHS tapes. We also can play several formats of DVDs, including DVD-R and DVD+R. Our simple playback system however is only able to play a DVD, so if there are various chapters that must be accessed, our system can’t handle it. Basically when you load your DVD in a playback deck and hit play, the program should start playing. We also suggest that you do not use adhesive lables to label DVDs. Either write directly on the DVD or use inkjet printable DVDs

Programming requirements: We use a basic timing device to automatically play your program. You will need to provide us with accurate timing information. The interval from the beginning or “head” of the tape or DVD to when the program begins is known as the preroll time: We suggest 10 seconds, and a black screen is better than a slate or countdown. We also need to know how long the actual program is to the second, not including the pre-roll. We prefer that you have at least 30 seconds of signal at the end of a program. Usually one puts contact and or copyright information as the last image. We require that programs at a minimum have presenter contact information at the end of a program, but we encourage you to also have that information at the beginning of your program as well.

Providing us with programming: Let us know at least a week and preferably a month ahead of time, that you will provide us with a program. Advance notice allows us to properly schedule your program
. If you leave us contact information, we will try to contact you with show times. Once we provide you with the show times, we invite you to create a promotional announcement to air on our bulletin board, which may be emailed to us.
You can either bring your program media to the station or mail it to us. The media should be in a case and both the case and media should be clearly labeled with the following information.
Contact number and/or email:
Program Title:
Program Length:
Pre-roll time:
You will need to provide us with a self-addressed and postage paid envelope, if you would like us to mail the program back to you once it has aired. Otherwise you will have to arrange to pick up the program within 90 days.