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Belfast Community TV’s mission is to reflect and strengthen the unique spirit and character of Belfast, Maine in order to enrich the lives of residents and visitors in the Midcoast region by fostering communication, free speech, artistic expression as well as creating opportunities through television and other electronic media.

Program Director’s report 5/29/07

Facilities: We have been dealing with some server issues, which were affecting not only the quality of images as well as the reliability of the server. With a great deal of effort Bob Nichols was able to fix the problem. I am very thankful that Bob was able to help us out.
The utilities (electricity and Dish TV service) have remained relatively stable and average about $100 a month. Insight production has donated the phone service so there are no phone bills.

I have made arrangements to barter some vests, caps and shirts from the “”Maine Thread” embroidery business. Insight productions is donating the production cost to create an underwriter message. The vests will be provided to crew people during productions to clearly identify them as Belfast Community TV crew. I have found vests preferable to other clothing items, as they can be worn over outerwear, and fit many different sized people.

Programming: I recently made arrangements with the Camden Conference to show the 2006, 2007, 2008 Camden conference presentations on our station. We aired their “China” conference a year ago and it was very interesting and well produced. I imagine the other conferences will be just as interesting.

A program entitled “Maine Social Justice” has also begun airing on our station it is produced by Pete Sirois at Madison public access but includes subject matter from throughout Maine. This week for example the subject was about a recent mock funeral for Sears Island.

“Math Education our youth and you” is a 4 part series produced by an educator in Rockland who is created these programs hoping to assist parents in improving their children’s math skills.

I continue to produce “Somewhere in Waldo County” and believe I will be producing new programs every other week. Other programs in the pipeline include:
The 2008 Summer Video Guide, which highlights businesses and events of interest to visitors and local folks alike and is seen several times daily between mid-June and September.
Gardens of Waldo County has been renamed “Coastal Gardens” due to its expanded distribution, however local gardens will continue to be featured this season.
I am also working with a producer at Rockland public access to develop a “pet adoption” program from Knox and Camden animal shelters. I have been unsuccessful in interesting our local shelter to become involved, but many area people adopt from the shelters in Rockland and Camden.

Perils of Pedestrians debuts on BCTV
When speaking with other community TV station managers I always ask whether they have discovered any interesting programs that serve the needs of their community. That is how I learned about "Perils of Pedestrians". It is a monthly television series promoting awareness of issues affecting the safety of people who walk and bicycle.The program interviews advocates and government planners about problems such as missing sidewalks and crosswalks, dangerous intersections, speeding traffic, and obstacles to wheelchair users and people with disabilities; and solutions to such problems. This may not at first seem very interesting but I found the show quite interesting especially when it showcased innovative solutions that some communities have found to solve problems that we in Waldo County might be facing.

Somewhere in Waldo County debuts this week

A new program has begun airing this week on BCTV. "Somewhere in Waldo County" is produced by Insight Productions and as its name implies, focuses on places of interest in Waldo County. Although Belfast Community TV has a wide variety of interesting shows, there are still not very many programs that are created specifically for the local community. This new program uses a"point of view" production technique. This technique has the camera operator also serving as interviewer and viewers seem to be watching the program through the eyes of the interviewer. There is a sense of informality that this technique creates and hopefully viewers will find the approach engaging and enjoyable. The premiere program is about a small alternative high school that began operation this year. The river school has only 5 students this year, but has hopes to grow while offering an alternative approach to learning. The program tours the school and interviews teachers and students. There is also a visit to the Waldo county probate court where students are creating a mural as part of their art curriculum.
Producer/Host Ned Lightner hopes to create 2 programs a month. He also hopes to find a local underwriter to offset production expenses. Future that are being developed include a visit to Jody Johnstone's Swanville pottery, a program about the new Goodwill store opening in Belfast, and a visit to Northport Music Theater.