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Belfast Community TV’s mission is to reflect and strengthen the unique spirit and character of Belfast, Maine in order to enrich the lives of residents and visitors in the Midcoast region by fostering communication, free speech, artistic expression as well as creating opportunities through television and other electronic media.

Eating Healthy on a Budget
The Belfast Coop Store is producing a new series for airing on community TV stations.
Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Community Foundation, this new mini series will be the first locally produced cooking show to air on BCTV. The program is being produced by Fran Clementson who is the education coordinator at the Belfast co-op. The show is hosted by both Fran and Erica Buswell, who is also part of the co-op's staff. The programs will be a half hour long. The first episode was produced recently and features potatoes. The recipes include Julia Child's Potato Salad, French Salad Nicoise, and Indian Potato Soup. Part of the program also included useful information on growing and storing potatoes as well as cost per serving for each recipe. During these uncertain economic times a program such as this may be quite useful to our community. Video production was done by Insight Productions.  The first show is scheduled to debut on Thursday October 16 at 7 p.m.