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Belfast -- Searsport

Belfast Community TV’s mission is to reflect and strengthen the unique spirit and character of Belfast, Maine in order to enrich the lives of residents and visitors in the Midcoast region by fostering communication, free speech, artistic expression as well as creating opportunities through television and other electronic media.

Art night in to debut in October
Waterfall Arts, a local non profit arts group, will be presenting a series of films made available to BCTV by the National Gallery of Art. These programs range in subject matter from how art is created to historical and archaeological documentaries about art related topics. They are of excellent quality and viewers are in for a big treat. Programs are introduced by Waterfall Arts founder Alan Crichton, who also lets viewers know about the galleries and programs taking place locally at Waterfall Arts. It is really great to have this collaboration between BCTV and Waterfall Arts, as it is helps strengthen both organizations. Waterfall Arts will use its excellent resources to help publicize the program, and BCTV will provide publicity for the work of Waterfall Arts.

High School Sports on BCTV
Once again Insight Productions is producing a series of Belfast High School games for BCTV. Eight regular  season and two playoff games including football, field hockey and soccer will be televised this season. A change from previous years is that more "away" games will be covered. With the high cost of gasoline, local folks may find watching games on TV an alternative to driving. Games are taped and reshown the following days at various times. Mike Estrada and Tim Downer will once again be the primary announce team, but other folks with particular knowledge of local teams will step in as "color" announcers. So far, 3 games have been shown and upcoming game schedules can be found by clicking on the schedule section of our blog. 

Reigning Cats and Dogs
A new weekly series debuts this week on both Belfast Community TV and Maine Coast TV 7 in the Camden area. The half hour program originates from the two largest animal shelters on the midcoast. The program showcases animals available for adoption and provides information about pet care and shelter activities. Local shelters are noting an increase in animals being given up for adoption by owners who no longer can afford to own a pet. The program is being co produced by Ned Lightner and Craig Mathieson. "Reigning Cats and Dogs" can be seen Thursday evenings at 7:30PM in both Belfast and Camden.